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Your website will normally be the first thing a possible client encounters online. What that means is that if they are not impressed by the offset, they could wind up turning into one of your competition! In Higher Profit Marketing, we specialize in producing eye-catching, compelling designs that captivate the viewer and guide them to where you need them to be. That could be to your products or your services – we will look after the technicalities, so you may reap the rewards. Choose us to enjoy:

  • A distinctive, compelling web design service that’s been specifically tailored to suit your needs, needs and expectations
  • Layout features that utilize tried and tested techniques, along with ground-breaking practices to maximize your site’s impact
  • Solutions to enable you to sit back and concentrate on what is important while the technicalities take care of these
  • Appealing visuals together with the Perfect combination of vision, content and call to action
  • SEO-friendly designs that also enhance your visitor’s experience

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What Is Responsive Web Design?

In Higher Profit Marketing, we consider the needs of your business, the goals of your organization and build a web site that reflects those values. Your new website will react to any screen size, from iPhone to tablet to big desktop computer, we have you covered regardless of the device.

What Is Responsive Web Design

When a possible client gets to your site, there’s absolutely not any confusion, only clear Calls to Action and switches to increase interaction. Because in the end of the day, what is the point of a gorgeous website if it can’t convert a passive browser into a paying client?

Responsive Website Designs are backed by a technology which enables a website to keep the perfect viewing experience on any sort of device. Whether you surf using a notebook, tablet computer or mobile phone the layout dynamically alters its resolution to minimize scrolling, panning and resizing of any pictures. Tablets and cellular phones have surpassed notebook users making responsive site designs a must for any company awaiting.

An Overview Of Our Design Process

  • Talk about the goals for your website
  • Show our design team some examples which you enjoy
  • Produce a job street map
  • Let’s go to work!
  • Have a dedicated designer in your project
  • Run through mock ups, features, and performance phases
  • Test and Launch!

SEO Ready, Fully Optimized Websites

Sites that look great are amazing, but if it’s not optimized for Google Search, then nobody will see it! At Higher Profit Marketing, all our sites are built to give your company the best chance of ranking on Google. With pages for all your services, name tags optimized for Google’s bots and also a focus on how your site will appear on mobile devices, we place up your business for long-term success.

Your site is the internet Front Office of your enterprise. Let’s make a fantastic first impression! We will develop your website for you to stand out and get ranked in search engines. Find out more about Search Engine Optimization and how to improve the regional positions with our SEO services.

Website Design Services - High Profit Marketing

Looking for a Web Design Company in New Jersey area? 

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Let us custom-build you a professional and easy-to-use, responsive website.

You could hire anybody to construct your website. It may be done by a novice or an expert. It can be a free site or made using a point-and-click program, but what is important about your site is the way that it conforms to your customers’ device and the way it performs in converting these visitors into clients.

Higher Profit Marketing has years of experience in site design and conversion optimization. We know a effective website design won’t only look great but should also convert. We code all of our designs to be SEO friendly and pull in the audiences you need to your website. 

What is Web Design?

Web design is the process of conceptualizing, creating, coding and optimizing a site’s visual and structural makeup. It’s often more concerned with the front end of the site than the rear end. It’s also less concerned about applications and web applications, as it is more focused on making the webmaster’s intended look and feel for his audience.

Web design encompasses different but closely related areas of expertise including graphic design, information architecture, user experience design, code authoring and quality assurance. 

Web design is often confused with a different field – web development. However, both are distinct as web development is much more concerned with getting sites up and running and less about how it seems. Web development work can vary from something as straightforward as getting one page text file on the internet to something as complicated as putting together an internet banking system.

SEO Ready Fully Optimized Websites_ by Higher Profit Marketing in New Jersey

The Web Design Process

We follow a simplified, four-stage process for all of our web design projects. This process ensures that we’ve got all the bases covered while allowing full transparency for our clients every step of the way:

Phase 1: Planning & Strategy

This is the part when we and the client’s brainstorm on the ideal look and feel of the website. We will make creative and technical recommendations but at the end of the day, the client’s vision for his web property is the ultimate consideration.

After agreeing on the design overview, we will present wireframes and mock-ups for the client to inspect. This guarantees that everyone is on the same page and it eliminates unpleasant surprises on the client’s part.

Phase 2: Design and Development

This is the part when we put in the work in earnest. Design and development involve setting your CMS up on your servers, customizing its code, implementing the design, populating the site with content, integrating it with social media accounts, and more.

This is also the phase when the client is given a live preview of the website which he or she can critique. We will take note of each comment and apply revisions as needed.

Phase 3: Launch

When we’re absolutely sure that you’re happy with a preview of the site that we’ll put on a test server, we’ll schedule its go-live date and time. Throughout the launch process, we’ll take you by the hand until we’re 100% sure that the finished product is up to spec.

In the unlikely event that the unexpected happens, our team of seasoned web designers will be on standby to offer quick assistance.

Phase 4: Post-Launch

If you require post-launch website maintenance or if you foresee the need for an on-going web design and development solution provider, we have your back. We offer affordable webmaster services so you can get assistance anytime you need it.

Let us do the technical stuff while you focus on growing your business.

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